Monday, March 10, 2008

Jackson's first real snow

I wanted to post some pictures from this weekends "blizzard of 08". Man, did we have a good time in it (although I'm not quite sure what Jackson thought about it!).

It started snowing Friday around 1. Now, anyone who knows me knows that me + snow= BIG KID! I was giddy while I was driving to go get Jackson! We took some pictures while it was snowing, but is was so windy we didn't stay out for too long.

Jackson spent the night with my parents that night, so Jason and I got to go to a movie (God bless grandparents!). Saturday morning, we went to get him early so that we could play in the snow. We built a snowman (of course our snowman was a U of M fan! complete with pom poms, Memphis shirt, and tiger ears). Jackson was so bundled up, that when he would sit up, he would slowly fall over and not be able to get up. He looked exactally like the little boy from A Christmas Story! It was hilarious.
I have to say that our first big snowfall was a success!


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