Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lebonheur Trip

What a day, what a day! Jackson has had tummy problems his whole life. (He even had to have surgery when he was 5 weeks for a muscle that had closed his tummy off) Well, after changing his formula and putting him on 3 different medicines, his Dr.s thought it was time to take the next step. We had to have an endoscopy yesterday to tell us exactly what was going on.

We got to Lebonheur yesterday morning at 7:15. (early morning!) We checked in and before you knew it, they were calling him back to get him all ready for the procedure. I got to hold him while they were putting him to sleep. The nurse brought us back to the room we were originally in and, no kidding, in 2 minutes the nurse came back and said that they were done.

We got to meet with the Dr. who did the scope and he gave us the verdict...."weakening of the esophagus" (which should correct itself over time) and it looks like the surgery he had previously is beginning to reverse itself (his stomach is closing back up again forming a small blockage). It was so narrow that they couldn't get the tube through that part to get to his intestines.

Where do we go from here? They have put him on 2 medicines. We also will go back to the gastroenterologist in a month. From there, he will reevaluate him and if it has not gotten any better, we will discuss another surgery. (They will put a balloon in his tummy and try to stretch that muscle out.) Our Dr. wants to wait on the surgery for a bit because it can cause the tummy to tear.

For now, that is all we know. I will keep you updated when we go back in a month. Thank you to everyone who prayed for us yesterday.

Playing in the waiting room. He has no idea what is about to happen.

Photo op with Mommy...

...And of course Daddy too!

"Do we really need to do this?"


Morgan Holt said...
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Morgan Holt said...

awww....poor Jackson and poor mommy and daddy too! I know it's probably harder on you both than on little Jackson. He's a cutie and I'm so glad that the condition he has is treatable and they will fix it. My prayers are with your family over the next couple of months. Maybe it'll fix itself and no more surgery!

Jessica Kenney said...

Hey girl. I am glad to know that he is ok! I know its hard as a Mom to sit there and not be able to help him. He looks precious in his gown! Call me if you need anything.