Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

This has been one of the busiest weekends I can remember! Having 4th of July and Jackson's first birthday in the same weekend....we have learned our lesson and the birthday will be another weekend next year. (I will post about Jackson's birthday in another post).

If you know me very well, you know that I have an amazing ability to win things off the radio! (I wish I could do this for a living...really, I'm that good at it.) I have won Grizzlies and U of M basketball tickets, concert tickets, a Valentine's dinner (valued at $175, I hope Jason enjoyed that dinner because I'm pretty sure we will never be able to afford that one again) and a turkey dinner with all the trimmings (I know, random tright? Well, Tuesday I was 1st caller of the day (again) on FM 100. Well, I won 4 tickets to see the Redbirds game on July 3 (below are pictures).

We had so much fun. We went with Jeff and Leslie and their little boy Reed. Jackson wasn't to interested in the baseball part of the game, he was WAY more interested in flirting with a group of ladies behind us and an older man. He sure does know how to work it.=)

After the game, they had fireworks. I was so nervous, wondering will Jackson be scared to death. Well, I'm pretty sure he wasn't impressed with them. Every now and them a really loud one would get his attention but then it was just back to eating Cheerios.

Then on the 4th, we went to Brownsville in the morning. We had such a good time getting to see Jason's family.

We ate Bar-B-Q and then we went swimming. Jackson really enjoyed that. He swam for almost 2 hours and then he got out to sit with Vernie (Jason's mom). I have a feeling that swimming will be one of Jackson's favorite things. He just squealed and smiled the whole time he was in the pool.

*Jackson and Reed in their floats. Isn't Reeds cute...It's a crab!
*Jackson is such a ladies man in the sunglasses that Jason bought him.

That night, we went to the fireworks in Germantown. This time, Jackson did not even acknowledge that there were fireworks going on. Maybe next year he will be more excited about them.
*Jackson loves the flag.
*The loves of my life


Jessica Kenney said...

Great pics...makes me miss you guys!!!!

Morgan Holt said...

Love the pictures Shannon! Jackson is such a little cutie at 1 year old. Looks like you'll have your hands full one of these days. Oh...and we went to the Germantown thing too on the 4th, however, we didn't stay long because of the rest of the happenings of the day. Glad ya'll had a great weekend...sounds tiring though! :)