Wednesday, July 9, 2008

First year...DONE!

Ahhh...where has the time gone. When I was pregnant, time seemed to stand still. The moment Jackson was born, life was in fast forward. (I wish I had a remote control and I could just push pause, just for a bit and take it all in.)
Sunday, July 6th was Jackson's 1st birthday. We had a family birthday party that day and it was, what themed! We had around 30 people come to my parents new house to help us celebrate Jackson's 1st year. *This is what everone say when they walked in. I'm telling you, my mom is Martha Stewart.
She made that cute wreath the day of the party, So crafty!

We ate so much yummy food (a diet is definately necessary after this weekend!) and then it was time to open presents. He got so many wonderful things (thank you everyone). Our project for this weekend will be to put the baby toys away to make room for his big boy toys.

Next, it was time for cake. His cake was precious....a cow. (the lady that made his cake even made a smash cake for Jackson with cow spots on cute!) Jackson really surprised me with the way he ate his cake. I honestly thought that he would just dive right in and get icing all over him. He was quite the opposite. He ate little bites and made sure that everything landed in his mouth. He even licked his fingers!

*Jackson says "Mom, I don't care about "Happy Birthday" or blowing out the candle,

*Eating his cake...He ate the WHOLE thing!

*Playing with the tractor that Jason and I gave him.

We had such a fun day. I can't wait to see all the changes that will happen in this next year.


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Morgan Holt said...

Jackson's second year of life will be filled with so many new things. I'm so excited for you to watch him grow this next year. Glad he had a wonderful birthday. Love the farm theme!

Audra said...

What a cute party! The door decor is precious and that cake...ah! Too cute to eat!

P.S. I live in Southaven!