Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What a helper

I just wanted to share some cute pictures that I have taken the last couple days. Jackson has become such a "helper" around the house. Saturday, he helped Jason wash my car.

"Here Dad, I will wash the tire for you"

Jackson loves to put his hand in any kind of running water.I was glad that I was able to
capture the shear joy that running water brings him.
Yesterday was my day off, which meant doing some things around the house. I was in the middle of loading the dishwasher when I walked away and to grab the phone. When I turned around this is what I saw:
He was trying to help so bad. He even grabbed a dirty spoon that I had just put away and brought it to me. He was so proud of himself for taking the spoon out of the dishwasher and walking to me to hand it off. (I was sad I didn't have my camera with me then.)
As soon as I took the first picture, he climbed down.
I'm pretty sure he knew that he was doing something
that he wasn't supposed to be doing.


Christian said...

LOVE IT! Such a cutie pie!

Morgan Holt said...

HA! Don't you love those moments when you catch them doing something they aren't supposed to do?! They give you that look like "mom, I know I'm doing something wrong but aren't I cute?"