Monday, August 25, 2008

First Big Boy haircut

It has been such a long time since my last post. Jason and I took "vacation" this month (I will post more about that later) so things have been a little busy around our house.

This weekend we took Jackson to get his first "Big Boy" haircut! Now, I have given Jackson some trims here and there, but nothing that I would consider a full-flegged haircut. We went to Fun Cuts, what a cool place. They have kid sized computers, a play area, and an indoor play ground. I was very impressed with that. When they called him back there, they let him watch Blues Clues on the tv by the chair that he was in.


About to start the haircut. As you can tell, Jackson is not too sure
about what that guy is doing.

Looking very pitiful! He sat pretty still considering how young he is, but this
was the face that he gave us through the whole haircut.

Finally a smile. He was very glad to be done with the haircut...and happy to have a treat.


Lindy said...

Yaaay for big boy haircut!!! he is sooo cute! I love his little pitiful face and those big eyes!!! He is definitely gonna be a heart breaker!!! hee hee

Jessica Kenney said...

Did Ray cut it? They are so good with kids there, Coop has been there alot! He looks so old now! Great pics!

Morgan Holt said...

Yep, Emmersen went there for her first haircut. I wanted it to be the best experience for her. I think she watched Barney. She sat there with the same expression. SO funny! I think they are kinda stunned at the whole deal. Looks like he and YOU survived! :) Such a sweet little boy!

Morgan Holt said...

Also, I saw the Spoiled Sweet link on your site. Would I happen to know who runs that business? just wondering...they have some cute things and it says that you can pick up in Germantown so I figured they were local.

Deanna said...

Interesting to know.