Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fun with Green Beans!

Yesterday was quite an adventure to say the least. I decided that I would let Jackson start "feeding" himself with a spoon. Now I know that he was not going to get it the first time, but I thought "What the heck, lets see what he can do". Well as you can see from the pics below, he has so much fun!

1. As you can tell, Jackson is not quite sure why I gave him his spoon. It took him a bit to be confident enough to try to use it. 2. By now, he had altogether ditched the spoon and was enjoying the squishy greenbeans between his fingers.
3. As time went on, he figured out that the spoon goes in your mouth. What he didn't understand is that food goes on the spoon and into your mouth, not all over your body.
4. Wow, what a mess! I can honestly say, I think Jackson really enjoyed himself!
5. BATH TIME! (a much needed bath I must say) Notice the greenbeans on the side of the tub! GROSS!
We will continue to practice to get this perfected! Anyone have suggestions to help me out?


Morgan Holt said...

Um.... Let him eat those whole green beans they have in the jars in the baby aisle, silly! :) He actually might enjoy eating some spagetti with his hands as well. I would stay away from the spoon for a little while. I think Emmersen was around 18 months old when I finally gave her a spoon..maybe older than that. You're a better mommy than me though, Shannon. That mess was awful! :) I'm not one that likes to clean that stuff up. Clara Kate has been eating those bitter biscuits and the mess with those is enough to last me awhile. You're doing a great job with Jackson! I'm glad he enjoyed his time at dinner though. :)

Jessica Kenney said...

Great pics! He is a doll!

Lindy said...

shannon!!! I am so glad I found your blog! your family is sooooo precious! I love that you let him get so messy! my oldest would NOT eat with a spoon until she was about 2!!! My younger one, who is 21 months is just now getting the hang of it! whew! you are a brave soul faring in all that green mess! hee hee, but it did make for some pretty cute pics!