Thursday, October 9, 2008

First Day of School

Well, Tuesday marked a BIG milestone for our family...Jackson is officially a school-boy! You heard me right, Jackson is in "school". He is going to Covenant United Methodist Church to their Mother's Day Out on Tuesdays and Fridays. We are so excited about what the program offers. Every time they come to "school", they go to music class (the teacher is amazing!), have circle time, do a craft, play outside or in the gym, story time, nap, free play and snack time. (that's a pretty full day for 5 hours!)

Tuesday, we got up and began to pack his bag for the day. Man, I'm not used to having to label everything. I made his lunch (grilled cheese, cut-up grapes, and yogurt melts) and got him dressed, and out the door we went!
I was making it ok that day, until we got in the car...I'm telling you, why is it when you are on the verge of tears are all the songs on the radio are sad and/or emotional ones? So as the radio played, I cried my eyes out! I realized that morning how big my little boy was getting. In one week, he has gone from his baby seat and staying with my mom all day to being in his big boy seat facing-forward and going to "school". (I think it was too much for this over-emotional mom to take in one week)
When I dropped him off, he went straight to his teacher and when I walked off, I looked back and he just waved and said in his sweet voice "bye, bye" (again with the waterworks) His teachers said that he was so sweet, and got along with all the kids in his class. His craft that he did was a BEAUTIFUL finger painted orange triangle (orange is the color of the month and triangle is the shape) which now hangs proudly on my refrigerator! He hardly ate any of his lunch, I'm sure there was too much excitement for him to take in that he forgot to eat. Nap time wasn't that wonderful, he couldn't quite understand why everyone was sleeping on mats on the floor. Oh well, with time he will get it. Come on, you can't master everything on your first day. =)
I can't wait to see what this year holds. I know that my sweet boy will learn so much and of course I will be blogging about all of it!

*His bag that was filled to the brim with everything that he would need.

*Getting ready for his big day!
*Headed to school. (No I am not taking this picture while driving, we are in the driveway. Don't call Child Protective Services on me!)

*Jackson's sweet teachers Mrs. Missy and Mrs. Melissa.


Lindy said...

awww, he is growin up! okay, I will admit, waterworks come for me on a regular basis, it seems like time flies and they get so big so quickly! Glad he is doing well, and he looked SO handsome his first day :0)

Morgan Holt said...

Such a cutie on the first day of school, Shannon! I know it's hard but they learn so much and enjoy every minute of their playtime with friends. He's growing up but hopefully, he'll always be a momma's boy! :) (well...not in a sissy way later on in life) Oh, you know what I mean!