Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween 2008

I know, I know, I am SO late posting about Halloween. I say "Better late that never." Right?

So, Halloween this year was WAY more fun with a 15 month old that it was last year with a 3 month old. The week before Halloween, we went to Zoo Boo. We had so much fun getting to look at some animals that they had out (spiders, snakes, etc.) and trick-or-treating at all the booths. I know that Jackson will have alot more fun next year when he is a little older. We were in the costume contest. No, we did not win. The kids that won had some very creative homemade costumes. I am already begining to think of ideas for next years costume...can you say competitive?

Halloween, we just went to the carnival at our church. The highlight of the night was the puppet show. Jackson LOVED it. They sang a song using dog puppets. Well, as soon as Jackson saw them, he immediately starting barking. So funny.

I posted a few of our favorite pictures from Halloween below. Enjoy!

*Waiting in line to be in the costume contest. We were #53 out of 54!
*Some guy at the costume contest talking to my dinosaur.

*If you look close, you can see how brave Jason and I were. We were holding tarantulas. (My favorite part of these pictures has got to be the look on the little girls face in my picture. She looks so scared...priceless!)

*Daddy and his dinosaur

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