Monday, October 27, 2008

Voting...Thinking About It Makes Me Want a Nap!

Ok, so in my last post, I eluded to my voting I will share, but be warned this is not for the faint of heart. =)

So last week, I went to early vote knowing that I would be unable to on November 4th. I picked Jackson up from "school" and we took off to a church near our house. When we walked in, I was in shock to find out the wait was over an hour and a half. (Apparently I thought this would be a quick thing...not sure what I was thinking!)I figured I would just stay in line until Jackson started to make his presence known and then we would politely excuse ourselves. Well, one hour went by and he was a total angel. I could practically see the halo forming as we waited. (Did I mention that I didn't have a diaper bag, no sippy cup, no toys, no diapers...nothing. I was alternating giving him my keys, my cell phone and a pamphlet from a politician that I met in the parking lot to keep him occupied. I know, I know, I was very unprepared) Everyone around us was commenting on how good he was being, and then I did something stupid...I jinxed it! I said and I quote "I have a feeling that as we walk in the voting room he will have had enough." AND HE DID! As I handed the voting lady my drivers license he started wailing. And then I did something else stupid...I got him out of his stroller. They hand me the voting card and I got to my little computer. I put the card in and this is when the poo really hits the fan. I was hit and scratched, screamed at, my hair was pulled out of my ponytail, and he blew his nose on me (...yes you read that right he blew his nasty nose on me). I looked like I went 3 rounds with a really burly man. I was so embarrassed, I could feel all the eyes just staring at me. I voted for the people who I knew and then I was out of there. As we left, Several people commented on how good he did while we were in line. I made some crack like "well, he threw a tantrum because he thought I was going to vote for the wrong person." I have never been so glad to run out of a building in my life.

The moral of this story- Don't vote with a 15 month old!!!...but be sure to vote!


Morgan Holt said...

Doesn't it always happen that way?!? They seem to know when to really make their presence known. That's ok though...every mommy goes through that and although you felt like everyone was staring at you, they probably were really thinking, "I've been there". :)

Lindy said...

haaaaa haaa! I am laughing so hard, but only because this is soooo the story of my life! Kudos to you for doing your patriotic duty!

Jessica Kenney said...

That is so funny! You never know what they will do!!!! Hope you guys are doing good.