Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Haynes!

4 Christmases! Yea, it was a hilarious movie...but it is also the number of family get-togethers that we went to. Family from Nashville, my Mom's side, Jason's family, and then my Dad's side. Just typing that makes me exhausted.

Christmas Eve, we went to my parents house. Everyone was feeling pretty crummy, so mom made soup and salad. After dinner, we all opened presents. Jackson was so fun this year. He has really figured out the whole ripping into the paper concept! Jackson got a really cool and really big ride on airplane. What is so neat about the plane is that it is a remote control, which means that Jason gets to control where Jackson goes.

*Jackson got a new John Deere wagon.

*Playing with Mommy

*how many mechanics does it take to put together a children's toy?...Apparently 3
*He loves his new remote control ride on toy...and so does Daddy
*getting ready to go home with all his new toys. Can you say spoiled?
Christmas morning Santa came. We opened presents from Santa then Jackson and Jason played with everything while I cooked breakfast. Santa was so good to Jackson. He got a potty (which Jackson surprisingly LOVES), a basketball goal, toddler crayons, U of M shirt and baseball hat, camo fleece pullover and pants, an Elmo guitar but I think his favorite thing was in his stocking...Dum Dum suckers.
*His new Elmo guitar

*Practicing his dunking skills!
*Jackson's Christmas breakfast of Dum Dums. Just kidding!
Christmas evening, we went to Brownsville to see Jason's parents. We ate dinner there and yet again opened more presents. (I'm beginning to think we are spoiled!) Jackson got to play with his cousin Reed who is only 5 months younger than he is. All he wanted to do was hug him. I have a feeling that they will be the best of friends when they get older.
*Attempting to take a family picture

The weekend after Christmas, we went back to my parents house and spent time with my Dad's side. I think this was my favorite meal we ate...everyone brought an appetizer and we just pigged out on junk food (onion souffle, sausage dip, chicken wing dip, chicken nuggets, meatballs, finger sandwiches, and bar-b-q nachos...that's my kind of food!) We all had fun being together and of course opening more presents. There was a terrible storm that night, so we all hung out there until it was over.
*Jackson loves his cousin, Anna Jayne

*Jon Duke and William playing with the guns that we got them. (Sorry Tori and Dana for the really annoying guns.)

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