Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

We had such a busy weekend. We got to eat 3 different times (my moms side of the family, my dads side of the family and the Jason's family) and we definately gained some weight! The weather was beautiful on Thanksgiving day, so we were able to go outside and play. Jackson loves to be outside. He played so hard and worked up a HUGE appitite. Shawn's boyfriend asked me if Jackson always eats that much and I told him to stick around, we all eat that much...haha. Below are some pictures of what I am thankful for:

*Our little family of 3. (Thats my parents house in the background....just kidding)

*My sweet parents*Jackson and "Buddy" having some "boy" time.
*Jackson stuffed...about to take his Thanksgiving nap like the rest of the family.


Jessica Kenney said...

He is so big!!!! What a cutie!

Morgan Holt said...

He's getting so big, Shannon! So glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy Jackson's age....they start getting so fun around 16-18 months old. Their little personalities start emerging more.