Saturday, January 31, 2009

Doughnuts and Mickey Mouse

I love Saturday mornings. It is my favorite time of the week. We don't have to wake up early, we don't have to be anywhere, just time to relax.

This morning we woke up and watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Now Jackson has NEVER been into tv...until now. Monday night some girls in my Bible study were talking about how their children were into Playhouse Disney. Jackson had never seen it, so we watched it today...and he LOVES it! (thanks Katie and Lindsay) He especially loves the "Hot Dog" dance at the end of the show.

Then Jason went and got us doughnuts and chocolate milk. Now, let me say that this is not a normal meal for us. I try to get some veggies and fruit in meals...but he sure did love it! Heres to a great weekend!

*Look mom...I have a yummy doughnut!!!


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day

Tuesday evening, we were supposed to get some ice so my Mom and Dad let Jackson spend the night with them so we wouldn't have to drive to Fayette county to drop him off the next morning. Wednesday morning, we woke to nothing but a little snow. The dusting of snow that we got pretty much shut down the city. (I still had to work...hospitals never close)

Mom, Nanny, Shawn and Jackson had some fun in the snow though. While I was at work, they sent me these cute pictures. He had so much more fun in it this year than last year. Hopefully, we will get some more snow...I just hope it is on a weekend so that I can play in it too.
*Is it time to go out and play?
*A little wobbly on the feet...getting used to snow boots

*This is my favorite picture!!!! He looks so innocent (key word here is looks)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Fun With Green Beans - Part 2

I have previously written about our adventures with green beans. Well, I am proud to say that we are finally eating with a spoon. Jackson's table manners are still not the greatest, but we are making progress!

*Is there anything in there?*BIG bite

*He was so proud of himself and so was Mommy and Daddy!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

18 months

(Since I use this as a journal, I am going to post Jackson's 18 month stats and milestones so I don't forget them)


Weight: 27.9 lbs (75th percentile)

Height: 33 in (75th percentile)

Head Circumference: 44 cm (60th percentile)

Teeth: 12

In 18 months, Jackson:
-learned to sing. This is one of his favorite things. Favorite songs are "ABC"/"Twinkle, twinkle little star", "Baa, Baa Black Sheep" and "B-I-N-G-O". He can really carry a tune (we are hoping for an American Idol superstar!)
-become a master climber. Couches, chairs, stairs, his toddler slide...nothing stands in his way.

-become quite the talker. New words include: Mommy, Daddy, Moo Moo, Bubba, gaga (my grandfather), Hahn (Shawn, my sister), nana (banana), eat, up, hi, bye, baby, outside, ball, brr, pod (potty), Bob (his paci's name), Amen, OMG (yes, he heard this from me, not my proudest parenting moment), yum, orange, purple, read, bubble, eye, ok, no (which is heard ALOT, usually said with force), uh-oh ketti oh (uh oh spaghetti-oh), night-night, yea, alright.

-can tell you what a cow, cat, sheep, duck, tiger, and pig say. He used to have dog down pat, but now when you ask him he says the dog says "ho, ho, ho", oh well.

-can show you where his eyes, ears, head and hair are. We are still working on mouth and nose.

-can kick/throw a ball well.

-still loves to eat...Favorite foods are: Carbs (pancakes, potatoes, bread, cereal, rice), fruit, meat sticks (totally grosses me out), cheese...He used to eat everything but he has recently gotten stubborn and won't try things. I am hoping that this is a phase and he will grow out of it.

I can't believe that I met you 18 months ago. That is such a short time, but I can't remember my life without you. You are such a joy and always know what to do to make me laugh. There is nothing better than hearing you say "Hi Mommy". I can't wait to see what God has in store for you little one!

I love you,