Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Day

Tuesday evening, we were supposed to get some ice so my Mom and Dad let Jackson spend the night with them so we wouldn't have to drive to Fayette county to drop him off the next morning. Wednesday morning, we woke to nothing but a little snow. The dusting of snow that we got pretty much shut down the city. (I still had to work...hospitals never close)

Mom, Nanny, Shawn and Jackson had some fun in the snow though. While I was at work, they sent me these cute pictures. He had so much more fun in it this year than last year. Hopefully, we will get some more snow...I just hope it is on a weekend so that I can play in it too.
*Is it time to go out and play?
*A little wobbly on the feet...getting used to snow boots

*This is my favorite picture!!!! He looks so innocent (key word here is looks)

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Christian said...

what a precious sweet angel!