Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Valentines Day?

This weekend, Jason got round 2 of the stomach virus, so Jackson and I got the heck-out-of-Dodge (on Valentine's day no less). My cousins from Texas were staying with my parents , so went to see them. Jackson has found a new best friend in Cody. They had so much fun playing together. Cody, when are you avaliable to babysit? =)
*This is what they did the majority of the time. Jackson was carried by Cody. *trying to get Jackson to be still for a picture.

*reading Jackson's favorite book "Hop On Pop"

Funny story...On Sunday, Cody called us at 8:30 in the morning to let me know that he needed to see Jackson before he left. We quickly got ready and made the 45 minute drive to my parents house. While we were in transit, Cody started counting his money (this kid is a saver!!!) and pulled out $3 to give to Jackson. He said that Jackson needed to start saving (so sweet!).
We sure did have fun seeing ya'll Jay and Cody. We hope to see you all again real soon!!!

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Lindy said...

I loved catching up on your blog today! I too am trying to get better at my walk with the Lord. I was encouraged by your memorizing scripture, and plan to follow suit :0) Loved that Jackson loves his cousin! that is so sweet! hope you guys have a great week!