Thursday, February 5, 2009

My first REAL conversation

So, the last night after dinner, Jason and I were watching tv while Jackson played before bedtime. He came up to me and said:

Jackson: "Up?" so I pulled him up to sit on my lap

Jackson: points over to my drink and says "sipth" which to him mean sip

Mommy: "Jackson what do you want a sip of?"

Jackson: "coke." (I am so ashamed that he already knows what coke is. Not because I let him drink coke, but because I am ADDICTED to coke!) So I grab the glass and let him have a sip.

Mommy: "Jackson was that yummy coke?"

Jackson: "Mmm Hmmm...yummy"

And thus with that, he climbed off my lap and my first conversation with my little boy was over! Jason and I just sat there for a few seconds amazed...a REAL conversation!!! It was small but a conversation none the less.

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becky said...

I did not know you had a blog. What a cutie your son is and you are looking great as well!! That is funny he knows what coke it-I have a nephew that is 19 months and he is doing the same thing