Friday, May 8, 2009

Hi Little Gummybear

Last week, when I was at the Dr., they asked if I would want to come in for a free ultrasound. Are you kidding me, It's free...are you crazy? Of course I will be there!

My Dr. just went into practice on her own, so her office is getting certified for Nuchal Fold screening (an ultrasound to help determine Down Syndrome). The best time to test is around 11 weeks and wouldn't you know I am 11 and a half weeks, so I was the perfect guinea pig. However, I can say that "Gummybear" was not the perfect patient. "It" didn't really want to cooperate! "It" was quite content where it was and did not appreciate Mrs. Vicki trying to get it to move. She was able to get 2 measurements after all her prodding and everything measured out great! Gummybear is 2 inches long and measuring out right on track.

*Super long Frog Legs. =)

*I already love you, my little Gummybear!


Anonymous said...

I can not wait until "Little Gummybear" comes into this world and we can love on "IT" Continue to take good care of yourself. We love all of you.

Heather said...

So fun Shannon! Glad to know things are going well with Gummy bear :-)

Jessica Kenney said...

I was there last week! Wish I could have seen you!! That baby is precious! Can't wait to find out what you are having!!!!