Monday, May 11, 2009

I learned my lesson

Saturday morning, Jackson woke up at 6:45 crying. (I have figured out not to go into his room until he is done crying-otherwise, you will have one grumpy kid all morning.) All of the sudden, he was completely silent. I figured he had just drifted back off to sleep so I went back to sleep. At 7:45, I woke up to hear him talking to himself. I headed to his room and then I heard him start saying "I'm sawwy. I'm so so sawwy." I thought to myself...what is he sorry about. I open the door and I see it...Jackson in his bed naked as a jaybird. He had figured out how to take his zip-up footie pajamas and diaper off. No wonder he was quiet for so long, he was occupied!

The moral of the story...when you hear your kids, go get them!

(And yes, I have pictures but I'm pretty sure Jason would not appreciate me putting them on here!)


Morgan Holt said...

I haven't yet been greeted with that with either of my two...well, not yet! (knock on wood) Look at it this way, could have been way could have been greeted with him covered in poop! Hopefully it was just a pee filled diaper!

Jessica Kenney said...

Funny!! Boys are very entertaining!! :)