Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

What a busy weekend we have had! Saturday, we went to Brownsville to see Jason's dad. (Happy Father's Day Danny!!!) We ate pizza and then went swimming. Jackson had a BLAST swimming with his cousin Reed. Poor Reed...Jackson kept wanting to hug and kiss him, he would not leave him alone.

Video of the first swim of the summer. The boys had so much fun! (Please ignore Jackson at the very end of this video. He was trying to spit in the pool...Total boy!)

*Swimming with Mommy

*Swimming with Daddy
Sunday, we ate lunch with my Dad and both my grandfathers. (Happy Father's Day Pop, Gaga, and Dad!!!) After we ate, we went back to my parents house and showed Jackson a little turtle my dad had found.
*Tiny little box turtle
*Taking it all in
*Not too sure about this turtle

*Decided that he liked it.

Happy Father's Day Jason! You are such a great Daddy. Jackson and "gummybear" are very lucky to have you as their Dad. We love you!

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