Monday, July 20, 2009

Arrr...It's Parrrty Time!

*warning....This post will contain LOTS of pictures!
This weekend was a big one in the Haynes household: Jackson's birthday party. Birthday parties have always been a BIG deal in my family. A few weeks after Jackson's 1st birthday, I started planning this one...because you only have one 2nd birthday party, gotta do it up right! The theme...pirate (and when I have a theme, I go crazy with it).

I made this wreath and mini flag to greet our friends. I wanted to make the neighborhood that we were a bunch of "scallywags". (sorry, I had to do it!)

We ate first (hot dogs, chips and dip, fruit) and then did the cake and ice cream. Jackson LOVED being sang to! Doesn't surprise me at all, he loves for all eyes to be on him.
*Isn't this so cute? My grandfather made it...It's a pirate ship that we put our fruit in. He is so creative!
*The cupcakes and toppers that I made
*Jackson's cute pirate cake. I love the little smirk that the cake has...totally Jackson!
*Everyone singing "Happy Birthday"! He loved being the center of attention!
*Blow out your candle
*Getting excited about opening presents!*He got so much stuff! Thanks everyone!
After all the presents were opened, all the kids went outside and played. The weather was great this weekend. We had a lovely "cold front" that came through and it was less humid than it usually is.
We had such a great to think of a theme for next year! =)


oh amanda {impress your kids} said...

Love it! I did a pirate party for my son's 2nd birthday, too. Your cake is ADORABLE and I love the watermelon boat. Great ideas! :)

Amanda said...

My cupcakes look like your big cake :-) Very cute party! My son't name is Jackson too.

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Very cute! We had the same theme for my son's 2nd birthday party! Love your cake!