Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I wanted to update on how the blood thinners are going. So far, so good. Although it is getting easier to give myself a shot, I still have a mild panic attack each night before I have to take one. =)

Jackson seems to know something is going on. Each night when I give my shot, I lock myself in the bathroom. I need all the peace and quiet I can get to pump myself up and say "I can do it, I can do it!" and every night I hear a little knock on the door saying "Mommy ok? Ok Mommy?". (not quite the peace and quiet I was looking for) On Saturday, when I came out of the bathroom. Jackson looked at Jason and said "What wrong?" Jason told him I had an "owie" but I would be alright. Well Jackson went and got me his band-aids. He said "Handy Manny boo boo Mommy". He wanted to give me one of his prized Handy Manny band-aids (my heart melted). He picked out a band-aid with screw drivers and hammers on it and put it on my tummy. I wore it with pride! Man, I love that kid!!!

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