Thursday, July 2, 2009

1/2 Way There

Well, I am nearing the midway point of my pregnancy and I wanted to blog about how I am feeling and what is going on this time around, because lets face is a little more crazy this time around. (who knows if it will ever make it in a baby book)

How are you feeling?: (*This section is not for those with a weak stomach. You have been warned!) With Jackson, pregnancy was a walk in the park. I had energy, no morning was a joy. This time-not so much. My friend Heather best described it as "puke purgatory". Your stomach churns, you feel so green. You know that if you could throw up, maybe you would feel better, but you just can't throw up. MISERABLE!!! Smells would set me off big time (roast, broccoli, other people's food...). When my second trimester rolled around, everyone was right. That was the magical time when I got my energy back (or as much energy you can have chasing an almost 2 year old) and the yucky feeling went away. What has not gone away is my crazy gag reflex. Brushing my teeth and coughing always make me gag, which in turn makes me throw up. Would anyone like to tell me when this will go away?

Weight gain?: By this time with Jackson...Whoa Nellie, I was big. I mean, I gained 50 lbs. (That's ridiculous!!!!) I took the term "eating for 2" to heart and made it my goal to eat anything and everything in sight! This time around, I have actually lost 4 lbs. I know that this month I have gained some because I am not feeling so yucky anymore but I am no where near where I was with Jackson. I am trying to be a good girl!

Cravings?: Oh my how this has changed this time around. With Jackson, I couldn't get enough pineapple, Big Macs, and tobassco! These are my loves now:

Watermelon!!! Yummy. Nothing like ice cold watermelon to make a pregnant girl feel good. Capri sun!!! I have one every morning, wild cherry flavor only. Something about that little silver pouch just thrills me.

Salsa and Chips from Chilis!!! Yummo. This is my dinner almost every Saturday night. The queso dip is ok...but the salsa, oh man! Just looking at it is making my mouth water!

And last but not least Jerry's Sno Cones!!! Strawberry supreme please. (Thats strawberry snow cone with vanilla soft serve mixed in) Delicious.


Ben and Audrey said...

cute post! i feel you with the nausea! but mine was much worse with jack than it is with this one! everyone says that must mean i'm having a girl! do you know what you are having yet?

Jessica Kenney said...

You better tell us what you are having! Hope you get to feeling better.