Tuesday, August 25, 2009


In the Haynes household, we LOVE infomercials! My first encounter with infomercial mania was the "personal versatile counter-top magician" known as the Magic Bullet.When Jason and I first got married, I made him watch about the Magic Bullet everytime it came on TV. I was OBSESSED. "Look at that Jason, it chops garlic." "Oh man, look how fast it dealt with those onions!" On our first Christmas together, he got me one! I was so excited...I started planning all the things I would use it for. I mean, the choices were endless (Have you seen the infomercial? It does it all!) Well, it does not work the way they say it does. The only thing I used it for was to mix up Jackson's formula because it was so thick.

I hate to say that the infomercial bug has bitten again....but not me this time. It got Jason. This weekend when we were painting, he kept getting frustrated and saying if I only had a...
Last night when Jason was on his way home, he sounded very excited and was asking if we were going to paint. When he got home, I noticed he had a Bed Bath and Beyond bag but didn't think much about it. We were chatting and I noticed he was putting something together....He went and bought one!!! Really? I decided I would let him paint alone and fully enjoy his new gadget. This morning, I was asking him how much he liked it. He didn't respond much, just said "It's ok I guess." Well, I knew by that response there was something that wasn't quite as perfect as the ad says. I went to checkout his handy work and noticed drips all down the wall. The moral of the story- don't buy things from infomercials. If you want to paint...just do it the hard way!

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