Thursday, August 6, 2009

Show Me Your Life- Receptions and Honeymoon

(Warning...Picture OVERLOAD!!!! I haven't looked at our honeymoon pictures in such a long time. I was reminiscing and I think I may have gotten a little carried away.) =)

We had our wedding reception at the church that we got married at. We ended up having a pretty small wedding since it fell on Mother's Day weekend and also many college and high school students graduated that day (that was fine with us).

*Cutting our cake. Each layer of my cake was a different flavor: strawberry filling, lemon-lime cake with lemon filling, almond cake with raspberry filling. It was so yummy. Jason decided not to have a cake and to have pecan pie instead.
*The food was delicious. My mom, grandmother and friend made it all. They packed a little picnic basket for us to take with us. I'm telling ya, I have never scarffed food down like I did that night. I was starving! *making our getaway!
*If you look close you can see that they put OREOS on our car. We had to go to the car wash that night to get them off. It took 2 years to get them all off!

For our honeymoon, we went on a cruise to Montego Bay, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. Our trip could best be described as a comedy of errors! We drove our wedding night to Little Rock. It was the only airport that we could find with a non-stop flight to Houston. (It was the first time that either one of us had flown...we wanted to make it as easy as possible). We woke up the next morning EARLY to catch our flight at 7:00. We put the "bride" and "groom" shirts that I had made and got to the airport. Got through security no problem. Waiting on the plane, 1 hour passes and then 2...the flight attendant FORGOT HER BADGE! Finally, she gets on the plane and allows us to board. Get to my seat to FIND SOMEONE SITTING THERE!!!! Really? I'm wearing my bride shirt...I'm a bride! Jason sits next to the guy and leaves me in the aisle. The late flight attendant comes to look at our boarding passes and she says "He is in the right seat. I'm sorry ma'am" What? again, did you read the says BRIDE!!! I then ask him "You are going to Houston, right?" Turns out, he was going to NEW YORK and got on the wrong plane. Hows that for security? We take off and then the pilot announces that there are some honeymooners on board. Everyone applauds and I think they are feeling pretty sorry for me by now.

Land in Houston, go to get our luggage....and my brand new bag is RIPPED OPEN (It got stuck in the conveyor belt and it pulled the whole side off my bag)!!! A man from the airport is standing there with it. He tells me that he will go and get me a bag similar to it and that I can stand there and transfer my clothes into the new bag. I was so embarrassed...I was standing in the middle of the airport trying to put my unmentionables into the new bag in front of my new husband and 100s of other people. I was mortified. We finally make it to the bus that will take us to Galveston. Get to the ship and see the 9,749 people waiting to check in and get in the back of the line. A lady see our shirts and tells us to go to International check-in where there was 1 person checking in, it was our "wedding present" from her. We checked in in 5 minutes and go onboard. (Note to self-if I ever go on a cruise again, wear Bride and Groom shirts)

*So excited*Been there a whole 5 minutes and already trying out the food.*Trying on our lifejackets*First day at sea...Pool time!*Formal night-Captain's Dinner. We sure can clean up well! =)*The top 2 pictures are from Jamaica. We climbed Dunn's River Falls and then went and ate authentic jerk chicken and island rice! One of the best meals I have ever eaten!

We were unable to dock in Grand Cayman because the waves were too big for the boat to ferry us to the island. They reimbursed us for the excursion that we paid for and then gave each of us an extra $50 bucks. We went to the casinos and played the slots and won an additional $40 and then went around the deck exploring.

*This is me "exploring" and totally embarrassing Jason.*Swimming with our "honeymoon" friends *After dinner.

*Cozumel, Mexico!

*What is the first thing that you do when you dock in Cozumel? Find a Burger King of course. We did our best at ordering "dos numero unos con queso". That was supposed to be 2 number 1s with cheese. They understood our terrible Spanish.*Yummy authentic Mexican food! Delish!!

*Last night there and the final formal night. Loving on our towel animals.

Sorry for so many pictures. I just had so much fun looking through all of them and thinking about that trip.

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