Monday, August 24, 2009

"Weekend" Project

We decided that this weekend, we were going to move Jackson into our guest room and give him a brand new "big boy" room. We wanted to give him enough time to get used to his new room before Hudson gets here. I don't want him to think that his little brother came and kicked him out of his room and took all his stuff. (We are going to keep the nursery the same....Hey, anything to save some money!)

Jackson is obsessed with trains, trucks, tractors, bulldozers and "Popsicles" (Popsicles = bicycles/motorcycles) so that is the theme we are going to go with. I thought that it wouldn't take long to go through all our stuff that was in the guest room and organize it, paint and decorate. Boy, was I wrong! It took ALL weekend and all we have to show for it is 2 huge trips to Goodwill and one coat of paint on the walls. So, we are hoping to finish our "weekend project" next weekend...making it a week project. Yikes!!! That is all I can say about this picture! We painted at night while Jackson was sleeping. This is when we started painting at 9:30. By 11:30, my sweet hubby sent me to bed but he kept painting until about 1:00 that morning. Whew, that makes me tired just thinking about it.

Yes everyone, that is the color we are using...Donald Duck Orange! Everytime Jackson walks in there he says "Whoa, so orange." I hope that is a good thing. Stay tuned, I will post more pictures when the room is finished and let ya'll know how his first night in there went.


mustard seeds said...

He will love it. A boy needs a bright room. Can't wait to see it finished.

Ben and Audrey said...

yay for jackson!! we still have to take on this project in our home. i'm not looking forward to it but i know it will be good for jack. we're going to try & switch him over after christmas b/c he'll still only be 14 months old and the baby will be sleeping with us, in the bassinett for the first 2 or 3 months.

i can't wait to see how jackson's room turns out. i know it will be super cute!!