Sunday, September 27, 2009

27 and 31 weeks

This has been a pretty eventful week around our house. I had a birthday. I am offically in my "late twenties"....Yes, I am 27. The older I get, the more birthdays seem insignificant, however; I had a great day! Saturday night we went with my parents to Bonefish Grill (can you say yum?) and filled up on Bang Bang shrimp. It was so good. Thanks Mom and Dad for taking us out to eat!

This week, I also was 31 weeks along. I am really starting to feel super pregnant. I went to the Dr. Friday. I actually gained 3 pounds so I have finally gained a whopping 1 lb so far. I have a feeling with the way I have eaten this weekend, I will have packed on a few more by the next time I jump on the scales.

I also started my weekly ultrasounds. They were measuring Hudson's growth, amniotic fluid levels, and blood flow through the umbilical cord. He looked wonderful. He got an 8 out of 8 on his biophysical exam. He is also "weighing" in at 4 lbs. 5 oz. and measuring a week ahead. He is at the 61st  percentile for his gestational age...gonna be a big boy! I am so thankful that everything looked so great and am still bathing this pregnancy in prayer that he continues to thrive.

*This ultrasound is of Hudson's face and belly. On the right hand side is his head. You can see 2 darker spots, those are eyes and his nose is right under that. We could see him excercising his little lungs and even saw him empty his bladder. Can't wait to see him next week! 


Ben and Audrey said...

happy birthday to you! i'll be 27 in april & i can hardly believe it. time just flies by SO fast now.

happy 31 weeks. can i just say that i am super jealous you are that far along. i'm 20 weeks & the end just seems so far away!!! i know you can't wait to meet little Hudson. he's gonna be a cutie pie. maybe a good boyfriend for our little Jovie!!!

i am also super jealous that you get weekly ultrasounds. i had several with Jack b/c of my blood pressure. we had to check his weight & see how he was handling the stress of all that was going on with me. with Jovie, we have another ultrasound scheduled for November. then i'll have to start going to the doctor weekly for blood pressure checks. and i'll definitely have to have a few extra ultrasounds, which i don't hate!! but the only stinky part is our insurance only covers a certain amount of ultrasounds.

have a great week! you look adorable in your picture!

Jessica Kenney said...

Yay for being so close!! You look great. Can you believe we are getting that old??

The Butler Family said...

Congrats look great! I just love following your blog. Hudson is our favorite name if we have another boy as well. I will be praying for him...those biophysical ultrasounds are really neat, to get to know all of that info! We had several of those with Reese the last month or so.