Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How Do They Learn to be Boys?

This is something that I have wondered for a long time. Boys and girls seem to be programmed differently! I watch my friends little girls and the little girls at church and they all seem so "girly". Loving their baby dolls, pretending playing in their kitchens, loving everything pink. My little boy on the other hand is SO boyish. He is a dirt loving, tool-carrying, noise making, all-American boy! Case in point: This is Jackson's newest love...his beloved chainsaw.
This is the first thing he gets when we come home and he pretty much carries it around the house until bedtime. I think that he would sleep with it if I let him.

We have had so much rain around here lately, that a HUGE limb fell out of our tree. Jason needed to use a chainsaw to cut it and drag it out to the street. Jackson stood at the door with his chainsaw in hand and his safety goggles on asking to go be Daddy's helper. He didn't quite understand why I wouldn't let him go outside.

I can tell that I am going to have my hands full with 2 boys when they get older!

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