Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Great Giveaway

Because I am on quarentine with a sick little one, I have been spending a little more time catching up on my favorite blogs. I found a great giveaway and wanted to let all my friends know about it.....but don't enter, I want to win so go ahead and enter. Check it out over at Diaper Diaries.

I've Got the H1N1 Blues

My worst nightmare has happened. Jackson has swine flu! After 2 days with 103 degree temps, we have finally gotten it to come down. I am praying he gets better and Jason and I don't get it!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Meet Pup Pup and Mr. Bear

What a fun Saturday we had. I was in desperate need of some glasses, so we ventured to the mall. We decided that while we were waiting for my glasses to get ready, we would go to Build-A-Bear. We thought it would be something fun that Jackson could do to get ready for Hudson and that he could give him on his birthday. Jackson had a blast. I hope the next time we are at the mall, we can go past that store and not have to go in!

He choose a puppy to make for himself and a sweet bear to make for Hudson.

He helped the lady put the stuffing in....

...and kissed the heart to "warm it and put in some love".

Next it was off to the bathtub to get these animals clean...

...and then make their birth certificates.

We are proud to introduce the newest members of the Haynes family...Pup Pup (Jackson's) and Mr. Bear (Hudson's)

Can you tell by that smile that he had fun?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Last 48 Hours

What a difference a day makes. This time yesterday, I was worried sick about Hudson and today, I woke up refreshed because I actually got some sleep instead of running through the "what ifs" all night long.

Monday, I went in for my re-check ultrasound to measure my amniotic fluid again. Well, what do you know, it went up another 1.5 cms. So in a week and a half, it went from 13 cm to 19.5 cm (not considered "too high" but a little alarming because it made such a big jump in such a short time). Dr. M really wanted me to see a specialist, so she made an appointment with Dr. BK (a fetal monotoring Dr.). I had heard wonderful things about him, so I knew I was in good hands...but this was not the way it was supposed to happen. Right? I was supposed to have an uneventful, "boring" pregnancy.

What was the first thing I did when I got home? I googled excessive amniotic fluid. (probably not something I should have done!) I saw scary words like heart failure, kidney failure, inability to swallow, and amniocentisis. That officially freaked me out.

We got to Dr. BK's office at 12:30. They took us back around 1:15 and did an ultrasound. It was one of the neatest things that I have ever seen. We were able to see EVERYTHING. They measured everything twice and then we saw a 4D view of it. We even got to see his sweet face.

To me he looks like Jackson. (Can you see his face? It's his eyes-which were open, nose and hand in front of his mouth)

Yawn, I am so bored in here. (Eyes, nose and mouth open)

Feeling a little shy (eyes closed, nose, and hand covering his mouth)

We then waited in a conference room for Dr. BK to come in and talk to us. He told us that everything looked great. My fluid was not too high and that Hudson measured out perfectly! He said that he did not want to ever see me again and I told him that I never wanted to see him again offense. =) A scary day ended up being one of the greatest days. Getting to see my sweet boys face was the highlight of this pregnancy!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

34 Weeks

34 weeks...that is so close, yet so far away! We are so close to meeting this little guy and I can't wait to kiss all over him. I'm still feeling pretty good. I have started having some major back pains and some mild contractions. I guess it is all part of it when you get this far along.

I switch to Heparin next week. I will be taking it 2 times a day and I am actually looking forward to it. I have heard that it is a much smaller needle and doesn't burn when you inject it. (It's the little things in life, right?)

This week at the Dr., I had a pretty good check-up. I gained 3 lbs this week (4 lbs total...I'm pretty pleased with that number).  I also had my weekly ultrasound. Everything looked pretty good, except for my fluid level. It went up from 13 cm to 18 cm. Because it went up so much in a week, I have to go back on Monday just to check my fluid again. Dr. M said that she was not "concerned" at this point but they want to make sure that it does not make another big jump over the weekend. We are just praying right now that his fluid stays the same or even goes down a little and we ask that y'all pray with us. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Other than that, everything is going great. I will post on Monday about what the Dr. says.

Are You Ready for Tiger Basketball?

The answer to that question is a resounding...YES!!!! The Haynes are VERY ready for tiger basketball. After an offseason that has been more than a little disappointing, we are ready for our new coach and new team to take the floor.

Last night, we went to Memphis Madness at the Fed Ex Forum. It was the first time that fans have gotten to see their new players in action. I have to say that I am pretty impressed. We have several great returning players (the biggest shock of the night was the 50 lb weight loss of Pierre Henderson-Niles...He is ripped!) and lots of new talent that I am pumped about. I think my new favorite player is Will Coleman. He reminds me alot of  Joey Dorsey.

Jackson was ready for his first experience with Tiger basketball.

Outside Fed Ex Forum-3 tiger fans with 1 on the way! (why is it always so hard to get a picture with everyone looking at the camera?)

There were 18,400 people there-they even had to shut the doors and not allow some people in. This is a picture from our seats. We were on the next to last row!!! We are even higher than the banners that hang from the ceilings. I must be a diehard fan if I climbed all those stairs being 8 months pregnant (either that or really stupid!) Needless to say, I am hurting today!

Jackson got to experience many firsts: First time to see Fed Ex forum, be on Beale street, see the tigers, and experience a rap concert. Yes, there was a performance by Memphis rapper Yo Gotti. I'm pretty sure he was not a fan. He was not too sure what was going on.

We were all very excited when they introduced the players. Jackson really enjoyed this. I have been working with him all week, teaching him "Go Tigers" and "Yea Tigers". He just kept saying that over and over. I think we may have a new fan on our hands. =)

I think we wore him out pretty good. He fell asleep while we were still in the parking garage. Here's to a great season and November 17th when they play their first preseason game!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

So Emotional

What is it with pregnancy horomones? In my "normal life", I am cool, calm, and collected, but in "pregnant life" that goes out the window. I can go from one extreme to the other in a matter of seconds. This morning on my way to work, an Onstar commercial came on, and I burst into tears. Really...Onstar? When will it end?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Christmas In The Valley

Who doesn't love a Christmas crafts fair? I know I love them. I just wanted to let my friends know about one that will be this weekend. It sounds like they are going to have some pretty great vendors. (Hopefully this will be a great chance for me to get some cutesy monogrammed stuff for Hudson.). One of my favorite bloggers Angie has more information about it...check her out. Anyone want to go? (...Mom?)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy Fall Y'all

Saturday we had such a fun family get-together. My cousin, William, turned 4 and he had a fall themed party. We roasted hot dogs and marshmellows over the firepit, went on a hayride and then had hot cider and hot chocolate when we came back. I LOVE cooler weather and Saturday was perfect weather!

Everyone hanging out in front of the firepit.

Jason did his "fatherly duty" and cooked all of our hot dogs. He knows just how I like mine too....catch it on fire and let it sit for a few seconds and then blow it out-nice and burnt!

Jackson hanging out with his 2 favorite people-Shawn and her fiance "Unci Darris". They were feeding him toasted marshmellows...YUM!

Getting warm by the fire.

Jackson and his cousins- Jon Duke, William (the birthday boy), Connor and Anna Jayne

Hayride time with Mommy, Daddy, Shawn and "Unci" Darris

That night Jackson spent the night with my parents, Mimi and Buddy. He always has so much fun when he is with them. The next morning my mom and Jackson made Halloween cupcakes...

He takes his job as the "sprinkle boy" very seriously!

They then enjoyed cupcakes for breakfast. Man, I LOVE fall!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Baby Gear

Kelly is doing another "Friday Funday". She wants to know our favorite baby gear. Everyone has an opinion of what you should and shouldn't use. Some of my friends baby's liked swings that went side to side, some insisted you get the ones that go front to back. Some like jumpers, some did not. Some like this certain kind of bottle and other said buy the cheap ones. Needless to say, we were very overwhelmed when we registered. We just used our best judgement and did the best we could.

Things we Jackson loved: We loved our pack n' play, exersaucer, changing table, and walker (it was a cute Jeep that I bought at a consignment sale for $8. Best $8 I EVER spent). I loved my stroller and car seat. Jackson LOVED his vibrating bouncy seat.

Things we Jackson did not like/use: His swing, (This was partly my fault because I never put him in it. I enjoyed holding him. (Yes, I know, I spoiled him.) Needless to say, Hudson will be in our swing alot. I can't see having the time to hold him while I'm chasing a 2 year-old.) "Floor gyms", and Boppy.

Thing I am impartial about: Bottles. We used Avent and Dr. Brown's bottles with Jackson and we will use them with Hudson because thats what we already own. I never noticed that they helped him with throwing up...however Jackson had big time stomach issues (that caused a surgery and later a GI scope) so I am the last person someone should take advice from about what bottle to use.

Something I could not live without: Praise Baby

I love this cd. Jackson listens to it everynight as he goes to bed. One of my favorite things about this is when I hear him wake up, he lays in bed just singing those praise still my heart. It is one of the most precious things I have heard!