Saturday, October 17, 2009

Are You Ready for Tiger Basketball?

The answer to that question is a resounding...YES!!!! The Haynes are VERY ready for tiger basketball. After an offseason that has been more than a little disappointing, we are ready for our new coach and new team to take the floor.

Last night, we went to Memphis Madness at the Fed Ex Forum. It was the first time that fans have gotten to see their new players in action. I have to say that I am pretty impressed. We have several great returning players (the biggest shock of the night was the 50 lb weight loss of Pierre Henderson-Niles...He is ripped!) and lots of new talent that I am pumped about. I think my new favorite player is Will Coleman. He reminds me alot of  Joey Dorsey.

Jackson was ready for his first experience with Tiger basketball.

Outside Fed Ex Forum-3 tiger fans with 1 on the way! (why is it always so hard to get a picture with everyone looking at the camera?)

There were 18,400 people there-they even had to shut the doors and not allow some people in. This is a picture from our seats. We were on the next to last row!!! We are even higher than the banners that hang from the ceilings. I must be a diehard fan if I climbed all those stairs being 8 months pregnant (either that or really stupid!) Needless to say, I am hurting today!

Jackson got to experience many firsts: First time to see Fed Ex forum, be on Beale street, see the tigers, and experience a rap concert. Yes, there was a performance by Memphis rapper Yo Gotti. I'm pretty sure he was not a fan. He was not too sure what was going on.

We were all very excited when they introduced the players. Jackson really enjoyed this. I have been working with him all week, teaching him "Go Tigers" and "Yea Tigers". He just kept saying that over and over. I think we may have a new fan on our hands. =)

I think we wore him out pretty good. He fell asleep while we were still in the parking garage. Here's to a great season and November 17th when they play their first preseason game!

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