Friday, October 2, 2009

Baby Gear

Kelly is doing another "Friday Funday". She wants to know our favorite baby gear. Everyone has an opinion of what you should and shouldn't use. Some of my friends baby's liked swings that went side to side, some insisted you get the ones that go front to back. Some like jumpers, some did not. Some like this certain kind of bottle and other said buy the cheap ones. Needless to say, we were very overwhelmed when we registered. We just used our best judgement and did the best we could.

Things we Jackson loved: We loved our pack n' play, exersaucer, changing table, and walker (it was a cute Jeep that I bought at a consignment sale for $8. Best $8 I EVER spent). I loved my stroller and car seat. Jackson LOVED his vibrating bouncy seat.

Things we Jackson did not like/use: His swing, (This was partly my fault because I never put him in it. I enjoyed holding him. (Yes, I know, I spoiled him.) Needless to say, Hudson will be in our swing alot. I can't see having the time to hold him while I'm chasing a 2 year-old.) "Floor gyms", and Boppy.

Thing I am impartial about: Bottles. We used Avent and Dr. Brown's bottles with Jackson and we will use them with Hudson because thats what we already own. I never noticed that they helped him with throwing up...however Jackson had big time stomach issues (that caused a surgery and later a GI scope) so I am the last person someone should take advice from about what bottle to use.

Something I could not live without: Praise Baby

I love this cd. Jackson listens to it everynight as he goes to bed. One of my favorite things about this is when I hear him wake up, he lays in bed just singing those praise still my heart. It is one of the most precious things I have heard!

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Brandi said...

Great list. Aren't consignment shops the best? I went to one yesterday. I could stay in there forever and get into a lot of trouble too. You little guy is so handsome.