Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I've Got the H1N1 Blues

My worst nightmare has happened. Jackson has swine flu! After 2 days with 103 degree temps, we have finally gotten it to come down. I am praying he gets better and Jason and I don't get it!


mustard seeds said...

Glad he's feeling better. I miss my sweet boy.

Nadia said...

:( Poor guy. :(

The CDC website states that H1N1 actually targets children (people between the ages of 5-24). This site might be helpful for you in the future... It's a search engine that helps you find out where to get seasonal vaccinations in your neighborhood.

Hope he feels better!

Ben and Audrey said...

girl. i am SO sorry that little Jackson has swine flu!! i really hope he starts feeling better soon. Jack has been sick for a week, his flu tests keep coming back negative but Dr Bubba said there is still a good chance he has the flu. he definitely has bronchitis & he's been running a fever of 103-104. its so scary to me. i'll be praying for Jackson. let me know how he does. bless his sweet little heart!! hope you can get some rest soon!

Devin said...

Oh, no! I will be praying for him to feel better soon--and that no one else gets it!