Sunday, October 25, 2009

Meet Pup Pup and Mr. Bear

What a fun Saturday we had. I was in desperate need of some glasses, so we ventured to the mall. We decided that while we were waiting for my glasses to get ready, we would go to Build-A-Bear. We thought it would be something fun that Jackson could do to get ready for Hudson and that he could give him on his birthday. Jackson had a blast. I hope the next time we are at the mall, we can go past that store and not have to go in!

He choose a puppy to make for himself and a sweet bear to make for Hudson.

He helped the lady put the stuffing in....

...and kissed the heart to "warm it and put in some love".

Next it was off to the bathtub to get these animals clean...

...and then make their birth certificates.

We are proud to introduce the newest members of the Haynes family...Pup Pup (Jackson's) and Mr. Bear (Hudson's)

Can you tell by that smile that he had fun?

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Jessica Kenney said...

Thats a neat idea! He is too cute!!!