Sunday, November 8, 2009

38 Weeks

I am 38 weeks...I can't believe it!!! I am so close, and SO READY. We have scheduled my c-section so I have officially started counting down. I feel like I am ready to pop and look like it too...

Right? I love the look of pity on people's faces when they look at my belly. It's like "Oh you poor girl. You must be miserable". My belly feels much tighter than it did with Jackson. I have still only gained 2 pounds total, so that may have something to do with it.

This morning, we got such a blessing. Our sweet Sunday school class had a little baby shower for us. We ate breakfast together and then they prayed over us. It was such a sweet time-they prayed some of the same prayers for Hudson that we have been praying for both our boys (that they would come to know the Lord at an early age and have an incredible relationship with him). Then they showered us with diapers and wipes...What more could a second time mom ask for? We are truly blessed to have such a great Sunday school class. Thanks guys!

On a seperate note, I want to thank all my sweet friends that have e-mailed, commented, and prayed for us since my last post. You have really lifted my spirits. We have had a great weekend with Jackson. He has been so well behaved. You have all given me great advice! I have several books now that I will be reading during maternity leave and some other great ideas that I will blog about soon. Satan was really working on me, putting the lie in my head that I was a terrible Mommy. Leave me alone Satan!!!


mustard seeds said...

I can't wait til that little one gets here.

Ben and Audrey said...

you look adorable!!! i know you are so ready to meet hudson. and let me just say that i am SO jealous that you are 38 weeks & i'm only 26 weeks!!! i know it will go fast, but i'm so excited to meet her!

yay for diapers & wipes. that's seriously the best gift ever!!!! can't beat that!

i'll be praying for you these next 2 weeks as your family prepares for sweet hudson. i'm so glad that you are feeling better since your last post. i know that everything will work out. you're doing a great job!!! don't ever let Satan tell you otherwise!! have a great week! love you girl!

Sarah said...

Thinking about you in these last few moments. You look great!

I hope everything works out for Jackson. I loved his halloween pictures...too cute!

Keep your head up! You are a wonderful mother. =)