Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Rest of the Hospital Stay

I have been a little busy lately...can't imagine why, but my blog has been lacking. I wanted to post the highlight pictures from the rest of the hospital stay. (since this is my way to document)

Got his hearing checked-and yes, he passed.

I got a WONDERFUL shower and got out of the terrible gown

Jackson gave Hudson his Build-A-Bear that he made. Hudson loved it!

Jackson spent some time "riding" my bed. Can you tell that Jackson's hands are up like he is riding a roller-coaster? Silly boy

We snuggled ALOT

Got dressed up....(check out those skinny legs.)

...and in our car seat...

...and went home.

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Jessica Kenney said...

He is a doll! Jackson looks so proud! Its amazing that when you already have kids what they find in those hospital rooms..Coop loved the bed too!