Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 Review in Pictures

I can't believe that 2010 is right around the corner. I was looking through pictures last night and realized how much our family has changed in a year. I decided to do a year in review to try to remember what has happened.


Jackson learned to eat with a spoon. That was such a big deal to Mommy-I was so proud! Jackson also got his first "buzz" haircut, which is the look that he is still rockin today. (look how little he is in these pictures)


We went to a Super Bowl party.  Mommy also got very sick. They thought she has salmonela-turns out it was a BAD case of food poisoning. Feb 28th it started snowing. It snowed and snowed and snowed. We got 5 inches. We played in it that night and then on March 1st too.


Mommy found out she was pregnant, What a surprise! We made a shirt for Jackson that said "Future Big Brother" to tell the family. Everyone was so excited.


We celebrated Easter-Jackson wore his first necktie. He also participated in his first Easter egg hunt. Mommy also started experiencing morning sickness. Yuck!


Jackson learned to take his clothes and his diaper off. I found him in his crib like this several mornings. This was a trick that I was not happy he learned. =)


We went swimming for Father's Day. Jackson had so much fun!


Jackson turned 2 on the 6th! I can not believe how big he has gotten. We had a pirate party and he loved being the center of attention.

We also found out that we were going to be having another BOY! We were so excited. They tested me for a blood clotting disorder and the test came back positive (I am thankful that we discovered this when we did. Most women find out after numerous miscarriages and the Lord protected us from this.). I began taking blood thinner shots this month.


We began working on Jackson's big boy room this month. You can tell his is big helper from the picture above. We also finally agreed on a name for our baby-Hudson Bennett Haynes.


Mommy was 28 weeks pregnant and also had a birthday. I turned 27 (yikes, so close to 30).

We finished Jackson's big boy room. He had his first night sleeping in a real bed and did so well.


In October, we were so busy. We were trying to cram everything into the month before our new bubba came. We went to Memphis Madness to introduce Jackson to our favorite thing in the world-Tiger basketball!

Mommy was 34 weeks. This month, we had to go see a perinatologist, Dr. BK, because we were worried about Hudson's amniotic fluid. After a scary week, he told us that everything was ok.

Jackson got swine flu the week before Halloween. Mommy had to take off work and stay home with him. We were so worried that I would get sick but I didn't, Praise the Lord! On Halloween, we couldn't go to any partys. We only went and trick-or-treated 2 houses (our family friend Betsy and Mimi and Buddy) because he was so weak.


We enjoyed our last weekend as a family of 3 at the zoo.

The last picture of the Hudson belly. 39 weeks pregnant and heading to the hospital for a c-section.

Hudson was born on November 19th at 7:46 am. 7 lbs. 14 oz. 21 inches long. So beautiful!


Trying to get used to being a famiy of 4. Jackson is totally smitten with his little brother. We have only had 2 little outbursts where he was not being kind but after that, he has been an EXCELLENT big brother.

Decorating the Christmas tree. We had a wonderful first Christmas with Hudson. He is already changing so much.

When I look back on this year, so much has changed. I was not pregnant and now I have an almost 6 week old. Jackson has grown so much and is speaking so well. We have gone to 2 MDOs (not my favorite memory). Jackson has memorized 3 Bible verses. I am so thankful for all the Lord has brought us through- the higs and the lows. I can't wait to see what changes in 2010.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas #4

Saturday night was our last Christmas gathering. We got together with my Dad's side of the family at my Aunt and Uncle's house.
Our family has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Here are all the kids: William, Jacob, Connor, Jon Duke, Anna Jayne, Jackson and Hudson (and me).
Me, my mom and my sister Shawn
This melts my heart. It's my sweet dad and my Huddyboo. Is that not precious?

Whew, this post concludes our Christmas outings. I am exhausted just writing about them. I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season and remembered the true meaning of Christmas-the birth of our Savior.

Christmas Day

Christmas day, we went to see Jason's family in Brownsville. We ate lunch with them and then did Jackson's favorite thing-opening presents.
Jason and Jackson opening presents
Me and Huddyboo
2 men and 2 little helpers putting together Reed's tricycle.
Jackson giving Reed a ride...
...and Reed returning the favor.
Daddy teaching Jackson how to play Wii bowling. (I think this will be on our Christmas list next year. It was so fun)
Jackson was a natural. He got a strike the second time he bowled. I'm so proud!

Christmas Morning

Santa was so good to our boys this year. I guess they were good enough to not get coal. =)
I love their matching pjs. (please ignore me in these pics...Someone has to hold Hudson. Let me remind you that it was VERY early)
All the presents under the tree
The one thing that was consistent on Jackson's list was a blower. He was so excited when he saw it. It was hard to get him to open anymore presents.
Jackson also got a wheel barrow to help Daddy with the leaves and a tool box full of tools. He also got a weed eater from my family in Texas that he loves. To say we had a power tool Christmas would be putting it lightly!
I love the look on his face.
Yes Jackson, Mommy and Daddy were tired too.
Hudson doing what he does best, hanging out and watching. He did let me know that he liked what he got by smiling.

After we opened Santa we had to get ready and head to see Jason's family in Brownsville.

Christmas Eve

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas...busy, but wonderful. Christmas Eve we went to my parents house. We had a yummy dinner and then opened presents.
Check out the ridiculous amount of presents. 95% of them were for the boys!
This is right before we opened our present. My parents and grandparents got us a new washer and dryer! I screamed out loud. It is most definately something that we needed and I am so excited that we got one.
Jackson got a new guitar along with a TON of other things. I can say that my children are spoiled by their grandparents and great grandparents!
Hudson was so content and just watched everything that was going on.
Everytime we go to Target, Jackson asks to push the button on a huge remote control dinosaur in the toy section. Well, his great grandparents got him one. To say that it required an adult to put it together is an understatement. This picture reminds me so much of last year-again it takes 3 mechanics to put a toy together.
Jackson is not quite a fan of this toy (he only likes it when it is turned off "sleeping") but as you can tell, Jason likes it.

We played with toys for a bit and then loaded the kids and an unreal amount of toys up and headed home. We had to make it home in time to get the boys asleep before Santa came.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Attitude Already?

Today, I was feeding Hudson a bottle and I looked up from the couch to see Jackson heading toward the Christmas tree with his chainsaw. I asked him "Jax, what are you doing?" He said "I'm cutting down a tree Mom.". I'm pretty sure when he said ",Mom." I detected a hint of attitude. I could almost see him rolling his eyes like a teenager. Attitude at 2 and a 1/2?

Friday, December 18, 2009

4 Weeks

*3 days old and 4 weeks old

I can't believe Hudson is already 4 weeks. Where is the time going?

What is he doing these days? Well, not a whole lot. He has gotten more control of his head and he is awake more during the day. He hates having his diaper changed, taking a bath, and having tummy time. He loves his swing and his bottle (He has been taking 4 ounces since he was a week old. He is going to eat us out of house and home.) He is looking more and more like my husband each day.

4 weeks ago I met you and my life changed forever. You have been a great addition to our family. Your Daddy and I were talking the other night about how much we love you and couldn't have choosen a better son. Your brother loves you so much. I can't wait to see the friendship that will bloom between the 2 of you. I love you so much little boy and can't wait to see what the future holds for you.
Love, Mommy