Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas...busy, but wonderful. Christmas Eve we went to my parents house. We had a yummy dinner and then opened presents.
Check out the ridiculous amount of presents. 95% of them were for the boys!
This is right before we opened our present. My parents and grandparents got us a new washer and dryer! I screamed out loud. It is most definately something that we needed and I am so excited that we got one.
Jackson got a new guitar along with a TON of other things. I can say that my children are spoiled by their grandparents and great grandparents!
Hudson was so content and just watched everything that was going on.
Everytime we go to Target, Jackson asks to push the button on a huge remote control dinosaur in the toy section. Well, his great grandparents got him one. To say that it required an adult to put it together is an understatement. This picture reminds me so much of last year-again it takes 3 mechanics to put a toy together.
Jackson is not quite a fan of this toy (he only likes it when it is turned off "sleeping") but as you can tell, Jason likes it.

We played with toys for a bit and then loaded the kids and an unreal amount of toys up and headed home. We had to make it home in time to get the boys asleep before Santa came.

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