Sunday, December 13, 2009

Starry Nights 2009

After 10 years of being gone, Shelby Farms has brought back one of my favorite childhood Christmas memories-Starry Nights. Saturday we loaded up our car (because it is $20 to go through-load up as many people as your car can hold!) and set out to have a good night. We were a little leary of going since it was raining, but we were able to see everything.
The group-Jason, me, Jackson, Shawn, and her fiance', Darris
Scrunched up in the back seat. For the most part Jackson was good, however he did have a few moments where his age won out and he was not. We told him to act his shoe size and not his age.
Check out the line of cars waiting to get in. I have heard that some of my friends have waited 3 hours to get in, we only had to wait 45 minutes.
Jackson wanted to climb in the front seat with me. It was safe, we were only going 2 mph.
Jackson flipped out over this train.
I was so glad to see the nativity scene. Jackson kept telling me it was Baby Jesus.
He was so tired after a night of fun. I can't wait to add this to our yearly traditions and take Hudson when he gets old enough.

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