Friday, January 22, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Today, my sister-Shawn, my mom and I went to lunch at Muddy's (YUM!) to talk about her wedding. Shawn is getting married in April and I am so excited. She has some great ideas and I think it is going to be a beautiful and fun wedding (I can't wait)! I need your help guys. Her bridesmaid dresses look like this:

I am totally in love with it. I need help with what to do with my hair. I need to start "planning my look" (like getting trims, highlights...). What will look best with this dress? Do you like:

Updo #1:

The Miley Cyrus. A low messy updo with a side-swept bang. OR

Updo #2:

The Rachel Weisz. A loose side braid that is tucked under in the back with the hair completely off the face.

I am terrible at making decisions. Help me out!


mustard seeds said...

I sort of like the messy one.

Ben and Audrey said...

i vote updo #2. i think it will look great on you. i love the messy look. it seems more natural. but i'm sure you will look beautiful no matter what you pick!!

p.s. the dresses are super cute!!

Heather said...

I vote for Updo #1, the Miley One. I think that will look great on you AND with the dress! :-)

Jessica Kenney said...

I say #2. Jeremy is getting married in April as well and I need to do something cute with my hair to take away from my big belly :)

Anonymous said...

I vote for #2. Your eyeswould pop out so pretty. I would go with some highlights also. JOT

Morgan Holt said...

I vote for #2. It's so different! And it would look great on you! You have a gorgeous it off! :)

Jessica said...

My vote is for is very popular right now and would look great on you and with that dress!

Emory said...

I am a fan of #1. I am a big fan of the messy updo. That is what I did for Courtney's wedding and really liked it