Monday, January 18, 2010

Good Big Brother

What a fun weekend we had. Saturday, we celebrated Christmas with our family from Nashville. We ate Bar-B-Q, the boys opened presents, and we played Apples to Apples.
While we were playing, Jackson got VERY quiet. That is never a good sign. I went to look for him and found him doing this...
He was feeding his babydoll "action figure" a bottle. How sweet is that? I asked him what his "action figures" name was and he said HudsonBoo. I went back to playing the game and a few minutes later, he comes around the corner to...
put his "action figure" in the bouncy seat. He is such a good big brother.

The other day, we were at my Mom's house to visit everyone and get just out of the house for a little while. Jackson was playing with his "action figure" again. We had given him one of Hudson's newborn diapers to put on him since he couldn't fit in them anymore. As he was changing the diaper, I said...

Mommy: "Hey Jax, does your baby have a dirty diaper?"

Jackson: "No, He just has a skid mark."

Oh my word, I really need to start paying attention to what I say, don't I ?


Ben and Audrey said...

this is the sweetest post. i love than a 2.5 year old has picked up so much on what you are doing for hudson & then imitating it.

and the "skid mark" story cracks me up!!!!

charitysq said...

ur son cracks me up!!!