Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Ice Storm" 2010

*Pics from our frozen tundra. Our Memphis flag is even a solid sheet of ice!

Brrr...I think I am frozen to the core, but we have had some fun today! Yesterday, Jackson wanted to go out SO bad but it was still coming down and I just wasn't feeling it (I know, I know...bad Mommy). This morning however, I was so tired of being stuck in the house. I bundled him up and out we went.
Jackson was wearing so many layers. (long john top and bottoms, long sleeved shirt, fleece pants, ski coveralls, ski jacket, a John Deere toboggan, 2 pairs of socks, and fireman boots...Did I go overboard?)
He needed to take his chainsaw out so he could cut down some trees!
We had a "dusting" of snow 2 weeks ago but I didn't take Hudson out in it because he was still so little and it wasn't a very impressive snow. Today, he got to come outside with big brother. You can tell by the look on his face that he is not really a fan of the cold. (I'm not a bad mom, he was outside for 3 minutes and very bundled up and then he went back inside.)
*Mommy and Hudson
"Ahh Mom, this is better."

Jackson is taking a nap right now. I know when he wakes up we will be going back out in it. I think we may try to go to the park down the street and go sledding (We don't have a sled, I think we will use a laundry basket. Hey, you've got to improvise!) I'm seeing a warm bath in my future!

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