Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Look What Came Today!

Christmas is offically over because I got my last present delievered today. My parents and my grandparents surprised my sister and me and got us both a new washer and dryer. It was such a surprise.

When we moved into our house, we inherited the old owner's washer and dryer. That was fine with us, we were newlyweds and didn't own anything big like that. What we got was a set that didn't match. It was actually the same mismatched set that my parents had when I was 5 (and it was old then)-dryer was an almond shade and the washer was white-same model and everything. What I got today was a matching, beautiful piece of machinery that has made my chores more enjoyable. (I have the first load in the washer now and I have a grin ear to ear. Who would have thought that laundry could be fun?)

Look at that washer...Hello gorgeous!

And look at all that room in there. I am notorious for cramming as much as I can into one load. I now still have room for more....Happiness!

Jackson is excited about it too....I mean look, it even has a light in the dryer. That was something that was not in my old set.

What else is great? My laundry room now smells like a new car. (I'm not joking). Jason will be lucky if he gets dinner tonight, I will be washing clothes! Now, if I could find someone to fold them, then I would be set. Any volunteers?


Anonymous said...

Glad it finally came. Merry Christmas! I love your snowmen on your blog background. Come make mine cute, too.

Ben and Audrey said...

yay!!! i'm so excited for you!!! i can't wait for the day i get a new washer & dryer!!

Sarah said...

I am jealous! I have that old inherited, mismatched set left from previous owners, too. My dryer even comes with a very large squeak each turn. Enjoy your new gift!

Devin said...

I am laughing...because I had the very same excitement when I got MY new washer! I blogged about it and everything! :) Congrats on your new addition, happy washing!