Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sick Day

The Haynes family has been feeling pretty crummy this week. I have 2 boys (Jason and Jackson) with colds and 1 little boy with tummy issues so we went to see Dr. Bubba today. 
Jackson killed time by reading books.
And Hudson killed time by, well sitting in his carseat.
Jackson has just a plain old cold (Praise the Lord-so glad it's nothing more serious.). Hudson has acid reflux. Bless his heart, we have had a rough couple of days. He has been so fussy which is not like him at all. He is also choking and screaming like he is in pain. Here we go with again-I'm getting flashbacks to all of Jackson's tummy issues. He gave him a Rx for Prevacid and was very optimistic that this will help him.
Jackson got his 2nd H1N1 shot as well as his seasonal flu vacine. He cried for a second and then he got up and said "I'm ok Mommy." Thats my tough guy. He got a sucker for being so brave and I took him to Sonic to get his favorite treat-a yummy chocolate milk shake!
We were so tired when we came home that we all took a LONG nap! (even Mommy!!!) Jackson woke up feeling a little better and Hudson got his first round of medicine...
...and he looks like he is feeling a little better too!
Tonight, I made grilled cheese and homemade chicken noodle soup for my sick boys....
...and we snuggled on the couch and watched "The Office". Hopefully we will be feeling better tomorrow!


mustard seeds said...

Glad you went yesterday. That soup looks great. Take care of my sweet boys.

Jessica Kenney said...

Isn't it great to just be home with all your boys! Can't believe I will be so out numbered come June! But I will love it! :)