Friday, January 15, 2010

Sleeping in!

Not only does Hudson look like his Daddy, he also has his sleeping habits (late nights-late mornings). It is 9 o'clock and he is still sleeping! Last night was the first time that he slept in his crib. He woke up at 4:30 for a bottle and went right back to sleep...

...and is still snoozing away! Yea (P.S.-check out that red hair...Where did that come from?)

Jackson on the other hand looks like me and has my sleeping pattern (early to bed-early to rise). Can you teach a child to sleep in?


The Butler Family said...

if you learn how to teach kids to sleep in PLEASE pass it along! :) reese is just now learning to sleep till 7:00!!!

Laura Matthews said...

Your boys are adorable! Your mom found my blog through Allyson @ House of Stephens I think...and she has left me some really sweet comments. My boys are the same age as yours - or close...Pierce will be 3 in February and Henry is 2 months. It's fun checking in on you!

Laura @

: )

Angela said...

How sweet! The picture of the Hudson looks like you TOLD him to close his eyes for the picture!