Friday, February 26, 2010


Have you seen this commercial?
I have, but never really paid attention to it-apparently, Jackson has paid attention to it...maybe a little too much attention!

Friday is pizza night at our house. I always order it while Jason is on his way home so he can pick it up. We were trying to decided between Pizza Hut and Papa John's

Shannon: Jason which on do you want? I like Pizza Hut's pizza but I like Papa John's cheesesticks.
Jason: Either one is fin with me. You decide.
Shannon: Jackson which one do you want?
Jackson: I want the one thats puffery.

Really...really? I am turning the tv off now!


Going to the Chapel and She's Gonna Get Married....

I have already said it...but my little sister, Shawn, is getting married, and I am SO excited for her. (and can I add that I think she will be the most beautiful bride ever) I can't believe that we are old enough to be married (and for me to have 2 kids). Weren't we just in pigtails and playing dress-up? She has found a wonderful man who complements her so well and I couldn't be happier for them!

Jackson is in the wedding as a ring bearer. Well, he will hold a pillow with fake rings on it- we don't trust him with the real rings. We were practicing with him holding a pillow and walking down the aisle. We were trying to show Shawn that he could do it. We told him that it was very important to hold the pillow tight and not to drop it....blah, blah, blah. He walked our pretend aisle holding the pillow perfectly. As soon as he "got to the front", he stood there for a second and then threw the pillow on the ground. Yes, we will be using fake rings. I don't want to be on all fours during the ceremony trying to find the rings! (couldn't you see me doing that?...I could. HA!) Anyway, Jackson's suit came in the other day and we had a fashion show.
Isn't it so cute? I think he was quite fond of it...or at least fond of Me and Mimi telling him how cute he was! The guys will be wearing khaki suits and Jackson's suit is more the color of the bridesmaids dresses-I think it will blend in reallly well!

We also found Hudson's outfit. I am in love with it too. The picture isn't the best it was taken with my phone in our dark room- but you get the idea. It matches the suit that Jason will be wearing (he is a groomsman).
Shawn has some showers coming up next month and I have a few ideas of some things that I will be making her. I will be posting more on those later!


Monday, February 22, 2010

3 Months

Hudson was 3 months on Friday (I'm a little late on posting, we have had a busy few days). I can not believe he is that old already! I miss his "babyness" but am really enjoying the new things he learns everyday.

Weight: 12 lbs 6 oz
Diaper size: Pamper 1-2
Clothes: Still 0-3 months but can "wear" some 3-6 month clothes that Mommy wanted to see you in. They pretty much swallow you but you have some cute clothes that I was dying to see you in.
Nicknames: HubsonBoo, Booger, Stinkerpot

*He loves his hands. He is always holding them. He stares at them and if "Bob" is not in his mouth-then they are.
*Speaking of "Bob"- You really love him. This is a picture of you with your favorite paci. (P.S.-Bob is our paci...I know wierd name but that is what Jackson called it.)

*You are really content. You love to be held but also love your tummy time mat (as long as you are not on your tummy), swing and bouncy seat. You are also starting to like the Bumbo-I think you like the freedom that you feel when you are in it.

*You are holding your head VERY steady and can get it to an almost 90 degree angle when on your tummy. You have rolled over a few times from tummy to back.

*You startle. This makes me laugh. If something makes a loud, quick noise (usually from your brother) you jump and it makes you mad.

*You are so happy (so far you have only been fussy when hungry or sick). You have given me a few laughs...mostly when being tickled. I can't wait to hear a big belly laugh. I know it is coming soon. You smile the most for Mommy and Jackson.
You have been such a joy the last 3 months. I have loved everything about being your Mommy. I would redo my pregnancy and all the complications that came with it all over again just for you! I can't wait to see what the future holds for you. I love you Booger!
Love, Mommy


Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Last Few Days

The last few days of our life has been crazy. Over the weekend, Jackson and I got sick. We sent Hudson to my parents to get away from us.
On Sunday (Valentine's Day) Jason got sick. Jackson and I sat on the couch that day and watched movies and snuggled and ate Saltines and sipped Sprite. Nothing says Valentine's Day like your husband quarentined to his bedroom and chasing him with Lysol and Clorox anytime he came out. (Please excuse the pic, I was still sick but Jackson wanted to pose for a pic with me-which is VERY rare. I had to get over my pride and post it anyway!)
On Monday, I went and got Hudson from my parents house and brought him home to our disinfected house. We did our Valentine's Day that night once Jason came home from work. Hudson got some new clothes and Jackson got a basket full of undies, candy, and his favorite-chapstick that tasted like a Hershey kiss. (the boy loves his chapstick)
Tuesday, we had a rough day. Hudson was just not himself. He was very fussy and would not take a nap unless he was held. I decided yesterday morning to take him back to the Dr. (we had gone the Friday before because he was coughing and had some congestion) I'm glad I did...he had a double ear infection, a runny nose, and a cold that had settled in his chest and a TERRIBLE cough yet he never ran a fever.  
This morning, Hudson woke up with no "voice". He cries but all that comes out is a little squeal.We got some good "bubble gum" medicine so hopefully he will start feeling better this weekend.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


To say that Jackson is in love with his little brother would be an understatement. Yesterday, Jackson took this love to a whole new level. Up til now, he has been content to walk by and occssionaly say "Hey Hudson-boo." or try to tickle him or get in his face or something like that. As an incentive for potty training well all day, we broke out the Play-doh. Jackson was so excited and he asked if Hudson could play with him. I thought that was so sweet. I decided to go with it- I want to encourage the boys playing together. Hudson sat in his Bumbo and Jackson brought his art tray to him and sat on the floor with him.  
Can you tell that Jackson even broke off a piece of Play-doh for Hudson? Hudson started to get a little fussy so Jackson then tried to make him laugh by doing this...
...and he succeeded and Hudson did this (such a good big brother)...
Can you tell that Hudson is pretty crazy about his brother too? This is something I prayed about when I was pregnant. I wanted my boys to be good friends. I know it is still early, but things are looking promising!
(And this picture is because I thought it was just so darn cute! Sorry, I had too!)


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day?

Happy Valentines Day everyone! I hope ya'lls has been better than ours! I have been having a GREAT date with these 2 guys-
Yes, Clorox wipes and Lysol and I have gotten really close today. Yesterday, me and this little guy-
got a terrible stomach virus. We hung out in the bed with each other all day. Jason was great and took care of Hudson until we thought it might be the best idea to take him to my parents house so he didn't have to stay in this viral breeding ground. We were both sick until about 6 last night. We slept well and woke up feeling much better but very weak ( Jackson lost 2 lbs. and I lost 5 lbs.) Well, about 6:30 a.m. Jason got sick! Right now, he is quarentined in our room and told not to come out until he stops throwing up. I have already Cloroxed and Lysoled down our entire home, washed 3 loads of our yucky laundry and done a load of dishes. Guess we will pick up Hudson tomorrow. Praying him and my parents don't get it!

I think we are jinxed with Valentines Day- 2 years ago I had a stomach virus, last year they thought I had salmonella and now this this year. I think we will boycot Valentines from now on and maybe we won't get sick!

Jackson funny from yesterday...
We were laying in my bed and we were talking...
Jackson: Mommy, I love you!
Mommy: I love you too Jackson. Are you my Valentine?
Jackson: I'm not your Valentine...I'm Jackson Haynes.

Oh that little boy makes me laugh. Hope you all have a MUCH better Valentines Day than we are...Stay well!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can I Brag?

When I go back to work next month, Jackson and Hudson will go to school 3 days a week, be with my mom one day and I will be home one day. Today, they went to school for a free day since I had a denist appointment. To say that I was nervous would be the understatement of the century. If you can remember, Jackson has had some issues with behavior in previous schools. I dropped them off and prayed for the best. =)

I decided to run some errands to keep my mind busy and help pass the time until my appointment.
This picture is the bliss that I experienced. An hour to wander through Target with a white chocolate mocha and no boys (good for the soul, not the bank account-I can do some damage at Target!)! I then went to the dentist and grabbed some lunch and decided to pick them up a little early. When I got there, they said words that any mother LOVES to hear! They said that Jackson was kind and friendly to his new friends. They played with table top toys and learned "big" and "small". He also danced with his friends. Hudson was content and happy the whole time he was there. He didn't sleep much, so he has been sacked out since we have gotten home. I just wanted to make a post bragging on my little boys! Yea for a good report!!!    


Monday, February 8, 2010

More Snow?

I don't think I can remember another winter in Memphis history where we have gotten this many snowdays. This morning, we woke up to 4 inches of snow in our yard and we were totally not expecting it! I was making Hudson a bottle at 6:40 am and had to do a double take and look again to make sure I wasn't still half asleep. What a fun surprise. As soon as Jackson woke up, we bundled up and out we went.
"Mom, do you always have to take so many pictures?"
The snow was the perfect snow-light, fluffy and perfectly packable. Jackson learned to throw a snowball....
...and learned how to make a snowman. We made this one together. I asked him what the snowman's name was and he said his name was "mommy" since he was a Memphis fan! I laughed so hard. We are raising this boy right...already loving his tigers!
Hudson even got out in the snow a little bit (ok, only long enough to take some pictures).
Despite the serious look on his face, he did seem to like it. We got a couple smiles from him.
We came inside, warmed up for a second and then made snowcream. I loved this when I was a little girl so I wanted to make it with Jackson. What you need is:
big bowl of white clean snow

Just add the ingredients until you like the consistency of the snow and it is sweet enough for you.
He loves to help me cook
A big yummy bowl of snowcream!
"Hey Jax, how do you like the snowcream?" and this is the reaction I got, a thumbs-up. I think he likes it.

We have played so hard this morning, that I am so ready for nap time. Mommy will be taking one with the boys today! Can't wait.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cardboard Testimony

I saw this this morning on Kelly's blog. To say that I was moved would be an understatement. I had never seen it before-but I have now seen it 3 times and cried like a baby each time. I think for the most part, the church likes to pretend that they have it all together (I know I do!). This video is a great picture of people being real and transparent and showing that our God is big and capable of doing anything.
My "cardboard testimony" is something I have been strtuggling with lately. While I have been on maternity leave, we have been trying to figure out what I need to do. With all that I am, I long to be a stay-at-home mom. We have tried to make it work, the only thing holding us up is health insurance (the boys are on mine and Jason's is ridiculously expensive). We have prayed hard and I have applied for jobs that would allow me to stay home during the week and work on the weekend. Every door that has opened, has slammed in our face. I was (and since I am being so honest, I still am...) so discouraged. So my testimony right now is:
to putting my trust in this promise....
What is your "cardboard testimony"?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Hudson has gotten really steady with his head, so today we broke out the Bumbo. He wasn't too sure about it. He didn't cry-but it wasn't his favorite thing either. My little boy is getting too big too fast.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

11 weeks

Hudson is 11 weeks old today! He is changing so much everday. I am overwhelmed with how much I love this guy. Happy Anniversary to the world little boy!