Wednesday, February 17, 2010


To say that Jackson is in love with his little brother would be an understatement. Yesterday, Jackson took this love to a whole new level. Up til now, he has been content to walk by and occssionaly say "Hey Hudson-boo." or try to tickle him or get in his face or something like that. As an incentive for potty training well all day, we broke out the Play-doh. Jackson was so excited and he asked if Hudson could play with him. I thought that was so sweet. I decided to go with it- I want to encourage the boys playing together. Hudson sat in his Bumbo and Jackson brought his art tray to him and sat on the floor with him.  
Can you tell that Jackson even broke off a piece of Play-doh for Hudson? Hudson started to get a little fussy so Jackson then tried to make him laugh by doing this...
...and he succeeded and Hudson did this (such a good big brother)...
Can you tell that Hudson is pretty crazy about his brother too? This is something I prayed about when I was pregnant. I wanted my boys to be good friends. I know it is still early, but things are looking promising!
(And this picture is because I thought it was just so darn cute! Sorry, I had too!)


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