Tuesday, February 2, 2010

He Loves His Daddy

Since I have been on maternity leave, Jackson has been a TOTAL mama's boy! I am eating it up. He will always say "Mommy, I love you." (be still my heart) or "Mommy, lets snuggle.". He is my helper boy and always wants to know what I am doing. That all dissolves when his Daddy walks in the door from work. He wants Daddy to take him potty, fix him dinner, help him brush his teeth, put his PJs on, and say prayers and tuck him into bed. It's used to hurt my feelings a little but now I laugh. He loves his Daddy so much (and it gives Mommy a much needed break when he gets home.) Last night, Jason was reading the newspaper. Jackson needed to climb in his lap and read it too.
(Please excuse the fact that Jackson is not wearing pants. We have been potty training today. More on that later)They are 2 peas in a pod. Like father like son!

And because I can't not have a blog post without a pic of Hudson...
I love that little face. Check out those eyelashes. Oh, I could eat him up! (Am I a proud Mom or what?)

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