Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Today, Jackson has been cracking me up! Here are a few of the funnies that he has said. I call them "Jacksonisms".

We had our first visit to the dentist office. He did great! He went to the back all by himself and got his teeth cleaned and got his x-rays like the big boy that he brave. They came and got me and I came and sat with him so I could talk to the Dr. He said his teeth looked great. He sees braces in our future and we need to give up the paci (whose name happens to be "Bob") at night for good. When we were leaving, I made the comment that we needed to go pick up our brother and apparently Jackson told the lady that he did not have a brother but he did have a puppy and a kitty. (LIAR!!!) When we asked what his cat's name was, He said "Black" and he said his puppy was named "Kitty". (So creative with the names.)

We went to pick up Hudson and we ate lunch with my Mom. While we were eating, we were asking Jackson to say the "Pledge of Alligence". Here is how he ended it...
Jackson: "One nation,
               Under God,
               Indebisdible (spelled how Jackson pronounces it)
               with Liberty and justice in a second. Amen
I just love how funny 2 year olds are!

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