Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Last Few Days

The last few days of our life has been crazy. Over the weekend, Jackson and I got sick. We sent Hudson to my parents to get away from us.
On Sunday (Valentine's Day) Jason got sick. Jackson and I sat on the couch that day and watched movies and snuggled and ate Saltines and sipped Sprite. Nothing says Valentine's Day like your husband quarentined to his bedroom and chasing him with Lysol and Clorox anytime he came out. (Please excuse the pic, I was still sick but Jackson wanted to pose for a pic with me-which is VERY rare. I had to get over my pride and post it anyway!)
On Monday, I went and got Hudson from my parents house and brought him home to our disinfected house. We did our Valentine's Day that night once Jason came home from work. Hudson got some new clothes and Jackson got a basket full of undies, candy, and his favorite-chapstick that tasted like a Hershey kiss. (the boy loves his chapstick)
Tuesday, we had a rough day. Hudson was just not himself. He was very fussy and would not take a nap unless he was held. I decided yesterday morning to take him back to the Dr. (we had gone the Friday before because he was coughing and had some congestion) I'm glad I did...he had a double ear infection, a runny nose, and a cold that had settled in his chest and a TERRIBLE cough yet he never ran a fever.  
This morning, Hudson woke up with no "voice". He cries but all that comes out is a little squeal.We got some good "bubble gum" medicine so hopefully he will start feeling better this weekend.



Erin, Mommy on the Run said...

Love that bubble gum medicine!!

Jessica said...

We just picked up the same medicine this morning. Yay for antibiotics!

Anonymous said...

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