Monday, February 8, 2010

More Snow?

I don't think I can remember another winter in Memphis history where we have gotten this many snowdays. This morning, we woke up to 4 inches of snow in our yard and we were totally not expecting it! I was making Hudson a bottle at 6:40 am and had to do a double take and look again to make sure I wasn't still half asleep. What a fun surprise. As soon as Jackson woke up, we bundled up and out we went.
"Mom, do you always have to take so many pictures?"
The snow was the perfect snow-light, fluffy and perfectly packable. Jackson learned to throw a snowball....
...and learned how to make a snowman. We made this one together. I asked him what the snowman's name was and he said his name was "mommy" since he was a Memphis fan! I laughed so hard. We are raising this boy right...already loving his tigers!
Hudson even got out in the snow a little bit (ok, only long enough to take some pictures).
Despite the serious look on his face, he did seem to like it. We got a couple smiles from him.
We came inside, warmed up for a second and then made snowcream. I loved this when I was a little girl so I wanted to make it with Jackson. What you need is:
big bowl of white clean snow

Just add the ingredients until you like the consistency of the snow and it is sweet enough for you.
He loves to help me cook
A big yummy bowl of snowcream!
"Hey Jax, how do you like the snowcream?" and this is the reaction I got, a thumbs-up. I think he likes it.

We have played so hard this morning, that I am so ready for nap time. Mommy will be taking one with the boys today! Can't wait.


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