Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Back to the Old Grind

Well, It's official...I'm a working woman again! Yesterday was my first day back to work in 16 weeks. Long enough to forget almost everything that my job entails and not long enough to feel like I was done with maternity leave (I think you could have given me 4 years of maternity leave though and I would still feel "not done". I loved being with my boys). Last week, I tried to cram as much fun into our days as I could. We...
...painted a picture frame for Hudson's room.
Jackson wanted to show Hudson his creation. It got the Hudson stamp of approval!
We went to the park with Aunt Shawn...
...even Daddy got in on the playing.
Hey Jackson, I see you. Can you see him?
This was the only little boy that would take a picture with us. Jackson wouldn't stop moving.
Hudson took a nap...
...while Big Brother played with chalk.
That is the look of concentration.

Yesterday was pretty rough. Many tears were shed (from Mommy and her little boys).
The "first day of school" picture!

Jackson and Hudson were GREAT at school once they got settled (Jason said that Jackson cries everytime he gets dropped off-so glad he is the one dropping them off or I would be crying too). They did not take naps yesterday but they did MUCH better today. Jackson even went potty 3 times today...Hooray! Jackson is still working on making friends. He is pretty shy around new people so my prayer is that soon he will have fun and have some cute little kid friends too.

Thank you friends for praying for our day yesterday. They were defininately felt!



Ben and Audrey said...

oh shannon. you have been on my heart yesterday & today. i know how hard it is. i know you want so badly to be at home with your boys & i think you are such a sweet mommy. your boys are so blessed to have you. i'm praying that the Lord works it out, soon, for you to be home with them.

we just found out that i won't be returning to work, at all. so we're really trying to figure out how we'll swing it, financially. but we are trusting the Lord.

please know that i'm praying for you. the Lord knows the desires of your heart & i believe he'll give you the gift of being at home, it will just be in His timing. please let me know if you ever need anything.

love you girl!

becky said...

I am so sorry about you having to go back to work:(. I hope things smooth out and I know that Jackson will have many friends if he takes after his mommy:) so don't you worry.

Allyson said...

I've been praying for you this week! TGIF!!! I put a link on my blog about the baby hands/feet die cast that your mom asked about.